New pants!

Capital One can kiss my @ss. The sneaky bastards were trying to charge me late fees when I was on time.

Having said that, the day has not been a total loss as I have received the Thai Fisherman Pants that I ordered (I can’t recommend this seller enough) two weeks ago!!

Thai Fisherman Pant

Thai Fisherman Pant

They are a bit odd to tie at first… You can find a very useful video to tie them HERE. They seem like they would be very simple to sew. I dug around google a bit and found two very concise and easy to follow patterns:

Pattern One

Pattern Two

I think the best way to approach sewing the pants is buy a pair of them, carefully take them apart and use the patterns above along with the deconstructed pants as a guide. I may or may not attempt to do just that (when I am not busy yelling at my credit card company)!

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  1. Comment by wildmindgirl on January 26, 2009 9:20 am

    Thanks for this post. I ordered a pair and am also going to whip up a couple of pairs myself thanks to the directions you provided. Love your blog!

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